Fast Facts for GPs

Fast Facts for GPs

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URINARY TRACT INFECTION (UTI) is one of the most common human bacterial infections with over 150 million people worldwide affected each year.

AT LEAST HALF OF ALL WOMEN WILL DEVELOP a UTI in their lifetime, with 20-30% going on to experience a recurrence and a significant subset developing a chronic form of UTI.

DIAGNOSTIC TESTS FOR UTI HAVE BEEN WIDELY DISCREDITED in peer-reviewed publications for over 30 years, yet UK guidelines still recommend a positive test result before a UTI diagnosis is made.

CURRENT GUIDELINES FOR UTI ARE CAUSING SERIOUS CHRONIC DISEASE in an estimated 0.6% of the UK population whose infections remain undiagnosed because of heavy reliance on these discredited tests.

UP TO 30% OF PATIENTS treated according to current guidelines will fail to respond to treatment. There are currently no guidelines on how to treat those who fail to respond, so the infection is left untreated. The various governance authorities continue to ignore peer-reviewed literature and insist these people be managed according to severely inadequate published guidelines.

DESPITE HAVING CLEAR SYMPTOMS OF UTI patients are routinely denied appropriate treatment as false faith is put in tests that are proven to be out-dated and severely inadequate.

PATIENTS ARE OFTEN MISDIAGNOSED with a ‘bladder syndrome’ in attempt to explain their continued UTI symptoms. It is estimated that 12 million people in the UK suffer a ‘bladder condition’ with around 500,000 diagnosed with interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS).

ONCE ESTABLISHED, CHRONIC UTI (cUTI) AND RECURRENT UTI (rUTI) CANNOT BE ERADICATED with short-term antibiotics. NICE recommends ‘the need for evidence-based guidance for recurrent UTIs’, but states ‘no source guidance is currently available’.

LEFT UNTREATED, cUTI CAUSES ONGOING, DEBILITATING AND LIFE-CHANGING SYMPTOMS including extreme urinary frequency, urinary urgency, agonising pain, inability to sleep properly, work, look after children and have normal sexual relationships.

HEATH ECONOMISTS ESTIMATE the approach of long-term antibiotics to treat cUTI costs £500,000 to treat 1,000 patients for a year. This compares with around £5 million to treat the same number of patients with largely inappropriate and ineffective conventional methods.


If you would like to print out the following information for your GP, please access the downloadable files here:  The Truth about Urinary Tract Infections,  Fast Facts for GPs 2017